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AIR Robotic Software System 

It provides fast and effective monitoring, reporting and configuration management for AMRIAGV and peripheral units

Bluepath Robotics



Pinpoint Precision

Multi-sensor Localization: Our state-of-the-art localization technology delivers pinpoint precision to your autonomous systems for flawless operation in any environment. Bluepath Robotics ensures that AMRs never lose their way, even in ever-changing environments.

Constant Adaptation

Visual SLAM: Our Visual SLAM algorithm leverages cutting-edge vision techniques to provide robust, precise navigation and mapping in dynamic environments. This enhances operational efficiency and scalability without the need for extensive infrastructure.

Life-long Map Update: Ensure your navigation systems remain cutting-edge with our lifelong map update service, offering continuous automatic enhancements to accuracy and detail, seamlessly adapting to the evolving landscapes of your operations.

Enhanced Awareness

Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

Comprehensive Spatial Awareness

2D – 3D Obstacle Detection: Empower your autonomous systems with our hybrid 2D-3D obstacle detection technology. Leveraging advanced sensors and algorithms, it provides comprehensive spatial awareness ensuring safe navigation and interaction in multi-dimensional environments.

Object Detection and Recognition: These advancements in object detection and recognition technologies enable real-time identification of humans, precise navigation adjustments around obstacles like cones, and efficient interaction with pallets in warehouse logistics. This aims to enhance safety and operational efficiency across industries.

Efficient Navigation

Obstacle Avoidance: Enhance safety and operational continuity with our obstacle avoidance technology designed to navigate complex environments smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Natural Navigation: Elevate your autonomous systems with our natural navigation feature, facilitating infrastructure-free maneuvering in dynamic settings, reducing infrastructure costs, and increasing flexibility.

Behavior Planning

Intelligent Decision-Making: Improve autonomous system adaptability with our behavior planning technology, enabling intelligent decision-making and optimized responses to real-world scenarios. This enhances the autonomous system’s situational awareness and decision-making capabilities.

Path Generation

Accurate Path Following

Line Tracking: Our advanced line tracking algorithm ensures accurate path following and enhanced operational efficiency, revolutionizing navigation in complex industrial environments. Bluepath Robotics guarantees precise path following for all autonomous systems.

Adaptive Control

Dynamic Adjustment: Maximize efficiency and responsiveness with our adaptive control technology, which dynamically adjusts to changes in the environment and load for optimal performance across diverse operational conditions and payloads. This technology ensures that AMRs can adapt to varying conditions seamlessly.

VDA 5050 Compatibility

Effortless Integration: Unlock unparalleled efficiency and flexibility with our automated fleet featuring VDA 5050 compatibility. This enables effortless integration and universal communication across diverse AMR systems, dramatically enhancing operational scalability.


Real-Time Insights

Diagnostic Software: Ensure peak performance and minimize downtime with our diagnostic software, providing comprehensive real-time insights and proactive maintenance for complex systems. This feature is crucial for maintaining continuous and safe operations.

Adaptive Safety Measures

Adaptive Safety Field: Enhance operational safety and adaptability with our Adaptive Lidar Safety Field, which dynamically adjusts detection zones in real-time to protect personnel and equipment in ever-changing environments.

Load Handling Safety: Protect your operations and assets with our Load Handling Safety feature. It utilizes advanced sensing and algorithms to prevent accidents and ensure stability under varying load conditions.

Immediate Alerts

Visual and Audible Warning: Enhance safety and awareness in your workspace with our Audible and Visual Warning system. This system delivers clear and immediate alerts to prevent accidents and maintain a secure environment for everyone.

Optimal Battery Management

Safety Charge Control: Ensure the utmost safety and efficiency in your AMR operations with our Safety Charge Control, meticulously managing charging processes to optimize battery life and prevent hazards.

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