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From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the robotic that makes modern life possible.

Who We Are


Our story begins at Ford Otosan factories, where traditional solutions were used to feed production lines and other material handling tasks. These solutions made processes more complex and were not cost-efficient due to the need for operators, rental vehicles and space requirements.

Why Choose Us

Powerful solutions for a
sustainable future in industry

Why Bluepath Robotics?

With our powerful, flexible and scalable solutions we optimize your logistics operations and reduce your costs. Our cutting-edge technology enables fast and controlled production.

Our Values:

Innovation: We constantly pursue new ideas.

Sustainability: We produce eco-friendly solutions.

Customer Satisfaction: We work for the success of our customers.

The people behind the robots

Meet with our team

Where the dynamism of the new generation meets years of experience.

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Where the dynamism of the new generation meets years of experience.

Bluepath Robotics Software

Fleet Management System and More
Software Technology Management System

In internal logistics operations, AMR/AGV tasks and movements are managed collectively or individually. Material handling tasks can be started automatically and/or manually. Provides collective control during work shifts. Provides integration with warehouse management and ERP systems. It enables interaction with peripheral equipment such as PLC and loT devices. It provides fast and controlled intervention for emergencies such as fre ambulance and earthquake. Provides energy and charge management for AMR/AGY

Innovate Automate Integrate

We endeavour to enable our customers to unlock the limitless possibilities of controlled and fast production and robot applications.

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